The Information Law and Policy Research Center inherits and develops ``Intellectual Property Law and Policy Studies,'' which is the result of the 21st Century COE Program ``Creating an International Center for New Generation Intellectual Property Law and Policy Studies,'' while also expanding beyond intellectual property. It was established on April 1, 2008, with the aim of building an academic field that provides a cross-sectional view of various legal systems from a broader perspective of "information."
With the development of advanced information technology since the 1990s, the information society is about to move into a new stage, with a huge number of increasingly diverse problems.
At this center, by applying "intellectual property law and policy studies" to the discipline of personal information, competitive markets, the Internet, etc., we aim to create opportunities for efficiency, secure freedom and justice, and create legitimacy through democratic decisions and community decisions. While focusing on such perspectives, we aim to construct an ``information law policy science'' that divides the roles of markets, legislation, administration, the judiciary, etc. according to problem areas.