Hokkaido University aims to contribute to the achievement of United Nations SDGs by incorporating the resolution of social issues into its own goals. 
The university conducts various activities and projects (initiated even before the SDGs were adopted by the UN) through research and education on sustainability. 
This section introduces the actions toward the SDGs and the academics and students implementing them.

Actions and Projects

The activities and projects aimed at contribution to the SDGs at our university vary widely. These mostly range from institutional (unique to Hokkaido University) to student groups’ independent initiatives.
Besides, there are various programs conducted in collaboration with other universities, private companies, and local governing bodies.


Meet Our Faculty

This section introduces the Hokkaido University researchers with emphasis on their research themes/seeds and from the standpoint of SDGs.
It describes the research conducted at our university with focus on the cutting-edge themes in various fields of science.



This section presents interviews with researchers and students engaged in activities linked to the resolution of various issues related to the SDGs as well as research leading to the future society.
Focusing on people, we asked selected participants not just about professional activities but also personal feelings and thoughts.