School of Law

Through systematic study of law and politics, the Faculty acquires universal knowledge related to law and politics as the institutional basis of society. We aim to develop human resources with specialized knowledge who can play an active role.
In relation to the SDGs, jurisprudence is originally based on the idea of justice and fairness, and aims for equality under the law and a peaceful and communal life for the people of the nation. Thing. In addition, labor law, international economic law, administrative and financial theory, environmental law, international law, and various seminars deal with gender equality, poverty, and environmental issues.

Desired image of a student

Students who want to contribute to society as professionals related to law and politics that require legal knowledge, such as lawyers, government officials, and diplomats, who are interested in various social issues and have a strong intellectual curiosity. I am a student who is willing to work on solving various problems.

Career path after graduation

We produce a wide range of human resources across the country, including national and local government officials and private companies. There are also options such as going to law school and aiming for the bar exam, or going to the public policy school and aiming for a career that involves policy making. Another option is to continue your studies at graduate school, such as going to a research graduate school and aiming to become a researcher. Many of them produce human resources to establish the foundations of the country and society.

Characteristics of undergraduate education

We offer classes and lectures by practitioners, including a special lecture on legal practice by a lawyer from the Sapporo Bar Association, “Bridge to Lawyers,” providing opportunities for students to link their studies at university with real social issues at an early stage. is given.
If your grades are excellent, it is possible to graduate early so that you can go on to graduate school. For example, it is possible to graduate from School of Law in three years, study at a law school for two years, and pass the bar examination in a total of five years.