Hokkaido University has various organizations that support industry-academia collaboration activities related to the SDGs.

Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration

A coordinator for joint research and intellectual property belongs to it, promoting industry-academia collaboration for social implementation of research results and regional collaboration for solving local issues. It also aims to develop human resources who promote industry-academia and regional collaboration, and to contribute to the development of Japanese industry and the creation of innovation. We also manage and operate the research seeds collection website.

Integrated URA Office

An organization of research and business management specialists responsible for formulating and implementing strategies to strengthen research capabilities. Research administrators with highly specialized knowledge collaborate with organizations inside and outside the university to formulate university management strategies, system reforms related to research infrastructure, plan and promote large-scale research projects, and human resource management strategies. We are engaged in a wide range of activities to strengthen our research capabilities.

Global Facility Center

Maintaining, managing, and operating advanced research equipment owned by Hokkaido University, analyzing samples, etc., building systems and providing services for shared use by university faculty, staff, students, and domestic and foreign researchers. going. We also provide international education and human resource development using advanced research equipment and analytical techniques.

Center for Advanced Human Resource Education and Development

We provide training support (S-cubic/I-Hop/COFRe) for career design for the industrial world of doctoral human resources, mainly doctoral students. We are sharing measures through a consortium with partner universities. In addition, to support the hiring and training of young researchers for academic work, we are working in collaboration with the Research Personnel Development Promotion Office (L-Station) to create a comfortable research environment for diverse research personnel through collaboration inside and outside the university. I am also working on

Office for Developing Future Research Leaders (L-Station)

We are working to spread and establish the Hokkaido University tenure track system for hiring and training young researchers, and to create a comfortable research environment for diverse research personnel through collaboration inside and outside the university (such as holding SDGs seminars). In addition, in the development support for academic career design of doctoral course students, we are carrying out collaborative activities with various programs (S-cubic/I-Hop/COFRe) of Center for Advanced Human Resource Education and Development.