National parks are Japan's representative natural conservation areas, but they are facing various issues such as the decline of rare animal and plant species, the invasion of alien species, global warming, overuse by mountain climbers, the decline of local industries, and the aging of the people responsible for them. I'm holding it.
Research Faculty of Agriculture Floriculture and Green Space Planning Laboratory is a member of the Daisetsuzan National Park Liaison Council, which is made up of related organizations, local governments, and local stakeholders, and is responsible for formulating a vision for Daisetsuzan and implementing initiatives to realize it. We cooperate in evaluating progress and maintaining and managing mountain trails. The council is working to centralize the dissemination of information to climbers, and is responsible for creating the congestion calendar on its website and operating the ``Mountain Report Daisetsuzan'' that collects information from climbers.
The Daisetsuzan Mountain Guard Corps, a general incorporated association through which climbers cooperate in the maintenance of mountain trails, cooperates in activities and conducts research on the status of vegetation recovery at repaired areas. The citizen group ``Mountain Toilet Thinking Group'' participates in research projects on human waste disposal and toilet issues in mountain areas, and cooperates in editing the ``Mountain Toilet Map'', an educational material distributed to mountain climbers. Masu.
Through the above efforts, we are helping to conserve Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan's largest national park and home to rich biodiversity, as well as supporting sustainable tourism and town development in the area.

Daisetsuzan National Park Liaison Council
Daisetsuzan National Park Climbing Information
General Incorporated Association Daisetsuzan Yamamori-tai