A sustainable campus is a university that contributes to building a sustainable society through education, research, social collaboration, and campus development.
Not only does it mean a “campus with a low environmental impact,” it also aims to contribute to society by “developing education and research rooted in social issues as a policy of the university as a whole” and “carrying out campus development in harmony with the surrounding area.” It refers to practical and multifaceted support for the well-being of people.
In 2016, the university formulated the "Action Plan for Building a Sustainable Campus 2016" and in 2018, the "Campus Master Plan 2018" as a concrete plan for this. In order to embody the university's University Philosophies and long-term goals, "Future Strategy for the 150th Anniversary of Hokkaido University," these are goals that combine the promotion of education and research related to sustainability with a low-burden, high-quality campus, and campus space. It indicates the planning goals, and the policies for facility and physical environment development, management and operation.
"Campus Master Plan 2018" emphasizes comprehensiveness and practicability. , and a long-term plan that embodies the creation of campus space.
In 2020, we formulated the "Campus Master Plan for the Hakodate Campus" as a concrete plan based on the actual situation of each Hakodate Campus.
What is a sustainable campus?

Campus Management Division (SCM Division) Activities

At Hokkaido University, we established the Sustainable Campus Promotion Office in 2010, and since April 2018, Sustainable Campus Management Office (SCM Office) *Renamed the Campus Management Division in April 2024 has been appointed to promote a wide range of sustainable campus activities. It plays a central role.

Main activities of the SCM department

  • Well-being on campus (energy-saving measures, appropriate disposal of waste, etc.)
  • Assessment System for Sustainable Campus
  • Networking inside and outside Japan
  • Production and publication of Sustainability Reports (Environmental Report)

For details on other activities, please visit the website of Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability.