Graduate School of Law

Graduate School of LawBased on the knowledge obtained through multifaceted research through advanced education and research in law and political science, as well as advanced and interdisciplinary education and research, intellectual professionals with a high level of expertise who can play an active role in a wide range of international fields such as higher education, corporate legal affairs, and journalism in Japan and overseas, as well as advanced legal knowledge, a broad perspective, The purpose is to cultivate practicing legal professionals with a sense of human rights and ethics.
The Department of Law and Political Science, which is a research graduate school, aims to train researchers and highly specialized professionals who have acquired multifaceted expertise and an international perspective. Approximately 20% of those who have completed the master's program go on to the doctoral program of this graduate school or other graduate schools, and about 56% are employed and are active in a wide range of professional fields such as legal affairs and school education. Approximately 75% of those who have completed the doctoral program are employed at universities and research institutes, such as assistant professors at this graduate school or faculty members of other universities.
The Department of Legal Practice (Law School), a professional graduate school, aims to "nurture legal professionals who have acquired a high level of expertise and a broad perspective suitable for the 21st century, as well as a sense of human rights and ethics." Therefore, the entrance examination system seeks individuals who have (1) a basic education and a broad interest in society, (2) aptitude as a lawyer, such as analysis, thinking, and expression, and (3) intellectual grounding and perseverance that can withstand continuous education.
After graduation, the main thing is to pass the bar exam, go through legal apprenticeship, and become a practicing legal professional, but there are also those who go on to a doctoral program at a graduate school and aim to become a researcher.

In relation to the SDGs, jurisprudence is originally based on the idea of justice and fairness, and aims for equality under the law and a peaceful and communal life for the people of the nation. Thing. In addition, labor law, international economic law, administrative and financial theory, environmental law, international law, and various seminars deal with gender equality, poverty, and environmental issues.