As part of our social contribution activities, we hold summer schools for local legislators and local civil servants.

Summer School for Local Assembly Members and Civil Servants

The Graduate School of Public Policy (HOPS), a professional graduate school that nurtures policy experts, holds a summer school for local assembly members and local public officials as part of its social collaboration activities. Every year, many people who are interested in revitalizing local councils, enhancing local administration, and promoting regional development participate.
For more information about the summer school, please visit the Graduate School of Public Policy website.

Theme for 2023 "Toward the Construction of Sustainable Regional Public Transportation - Focusing on the Role of Municipalities"

Many municipalities are experiencing a rapid population decline, making it difficult to maintain conventional bus routes. Through lectures and group work, students will learn about the basic viewpoints that local government officials should have and how to deal with residents.

Theme for 2022 "The Role of Municipalities in Realizing Carbon Neutrality to Enrich Communities"

While various efforts are being made rapidly to achieve carbon neutrality, it is hoped that municipalities, as the main players in the adjustment of land use, will be able to imagine building a consensus for the realization of this goal. Target.

Theme for 2021 "Regional management under new corona: How to find a clue to escape?"

As we approach the second summer under the new coronavirus, we will deepen our knowledge and discuss the future course of Hokkaido while calmly grasping the impact on society and economy.

*In 2020, the event has been postponed in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Theme for 2019 "Issues and Responses for Improving Local Disaster Prevention Capabilities in Hokkaido"

Re-examine the issues faced by each local government to improve regional disaster prevention capabilities, and think about what kind of initiatives are necessary in the future.

Theme for 2018 "Verifying Regional Revitalization"

Review the comprehensive strategy of your own local government that has passed the halfway point, and verify the results and challenges.