Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere is a joint (research) facility within the university that has a variety of fields from the mountains to the sea, including research forests, farms, botanical gardens, pastures, marine research stations, lakeside research stations, freshwater research stations, and fisheries research stations. is. Most of the land area is research forest, and the total area is 70,000 ha, which is 1/500 of the land of Japan.
Utilizing this vast and diverse field, in addition to many internal uses such as School of Veterinary Medicine School of Agriculture, School of Science, School of Fisheries Sciences of Fisheries, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Faculty of School of Engineering, Faculty of School of Humanities and Human Sciences, joint research with other universities, research institutes, and companies is being conducted. In addition, many international joint research projects are underway.
Focusing on agriculture, forestry and fisheries, our research focuses on sustainable food/wood production and biomass production, conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity under changing environments, environmental problems such as global warming, and microplastics. We are also working on issues of great social interest, such as impacts on aquatic organisms. These research activities are closely related to the goals of the SDGs, mainly in the field of ecosystem services (such as carbon sequestration services in forest areas). graduate school, freshman seminars, etc.) and open lectures for citizens.