The ``Hokkaido University Marucha Award'' is held as part of the common graduate school course ``Fundamentals of Food Safety and Security,'' and is an award given to people who are working on the future of agriculture, rural areas, and food production in Hokkaido. This is a project that will be widely disseminated to the world.


The common graduate school subject ``Fundamentals of Food Safety and Security'' provides students with a hands-on experience of farming and the exchange of opinions with farmers to understand the actual state of agriculture and gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable agriculture, food, and rural areas. Our goal is to develop capable human resources. Through a series of activities, participants learn about the efforts of farmers and acquire their own ideas and opinions.

Overview of each award in 2023
  • Theme: “Let’s start doing what we take for granted 20 years from now”
  • Recruitment department
    • Three arrows of sustainability (environment, labor, economy)
    • New value of food ~ Convey your feelings and connect hearts ~
    • Be ambitious award


At the final screening held at School of Agriculture Auditorium on November 11, 2023, the finalists in the three categories who passed the initial selection gave presentations that expressed their feelings, and the awards in each category were selected. . From now on, those who receive awards in each category will be able to introduce their activities and sell their products at an event scheduled to be held at "Hokkaido Marche Cafe & Labo" (Hokkaido Rural Research Institute Co., Ltd.).


Hokkaido University Marshare Award 2023 Report (pdf: 6.3MB)


*Hokkaido University Marche, an event that started in 2009 mainly by graduate students from Hokkaido University Graduate Graduate School of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Global Food Resources, is an event with the theme of "bringing Hokkaido's food and agriculture to the people". We have invited producers to plan and hold direct sales events in front of our university's School of Agriculture, and by delivering their products directly to consumers, we have provided a place where producers and consumers can interact. This event, which is usually held over two days in August, has attracted close to 10,000 citizens each year.
Hokkaido University Marche has been connecting producers and consumers, and starting in 2021, the Hokkaido University Marche Awards will be held to honor people who are working on the future of agriculture, rural areas, and food production in Hokkaido, and to disseminate their activities to the world. We are working in a different format.