"H-ARTs" is a wellness promotion project started in 2023 that aims to contribute to the creation of healthy and sustainable local communities. Hokkaido University (Graduate Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability SDGs Initiative Office), ARCS Co., Ltd., RALS Co., Ltd., Tsuruha Co., Ltd., and Sapporo City are working together as one. H-ARTs means creating new value by using art-like thinking and various techniques in health care to promote wellness. This is a general term for the framework and activities of this collaboration.
In this project, we are implementing ``Free Health Checks!'' with the aim of ``creating an environment where people can enjoy health checks and opportunities to casually learn about health.'' In 2023, it was held at Super Arcs Kita 24-jo store and NoMaps2023 WELLNESS Chi-Ka-Ho venue, with a total of over 600 people participating throughout the year.
In 2024, in addition to conducting health checks such as "brain age measurement," "vascular age measurement," and "bone health measurement," each event will have a theme such as "breast cancer prevention" or "health maintenance for elderly drivers." We also hold seminars and training sessions. Student volunteers from several universities in the city will also be involved in the operation.