Hokkaido University is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Science and Technology Agency. "Breaking Innovation Creation Program" (COI STREAM) Adopted by , together with more than 30 companies and institutions Hokkaido University COI "Master of Food and Health" base We have continued to work toward the realization of a society that is friendly to women, children, and the elderly through optimal “food and exercise” tailored to each individual’s health condition. While the activities up to last year have achieved results such as reducing low birth weight babies in Iwamizawa City, the declining birthrate is still an issue.

At the Hokkaido University COI-NEXT “Co-Creation Base for Life Design of Mind and Body”, which started in 2021, the spread of preconception, which is a comprehensive study of human dignity, way of life, sex, family formation, etc. , Workplaces, and a wide range of age groups will improve their health literacy, and as a result, they will become aware of changes in their bodies, which will lead to marriage and pregnancy at the desired time.

Inheriting the activities of Hokkaido University COI, COI "&" NEXT aims to realize "a society where young people can increase their options and live happily in their own way with others."

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