“Hokudai Batake” is a student club that conducts farm work on the campus of our university. I am doing farm work, mainly dry field farming, and researching "food and agriculture" through farm work.

Under the circle's slogan, "From the upstream to the downstream of food", we consistently handle everything from production to consumption, from growing to eating. We cultivate more than 20 varieties of vegetables, and we do everything by ourselves, from plowing the soil to harvesting a wide variety of vegetables. In addition to simply cultivating and eating, the activities are wide-ranging, such as verifying cultivation methods through comparative experiments and inviting circles from other universities to learn about nutrition.

The interest of our students in agriculture is high, and many students participate in the Hokudai Batake. Students outside School of Agriculture, regardless of science or humanities, are participating, and the number of enrolled students exceeds 100 (as of May 2022).

It is a place where each student independently thinks and learns about "food" and "agriculture".

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