The HSI SDGs Challenge Competition 2022 is a cross-cultural exchange and student-to-student event that allows Hokkaido University students and overseas students to share and collaborate with diverse ways of thinking about the SDGs, which are attracting attention at Hokkaido University, even as the pandemic continues. This is an English presentation contest aimed at creating opportunities for interaction.

This year's theme was "Sustainable Production and Consumption ~Rethinking Our Lifestyle during the Pandemic~", and we asked them to present their ideas for solving the problem of daily mass consumption against the backdrop of new common sense under the pandemic. .

Teams of students from different countries and teams of students from Hokkaido University and students from overseas were also formed. On the day of the contest, which was held in a hybrid format, students from a total of seven countries and regions reconsidered their lifestyles during the COVID-19 pandemic. We announced various ideas that contribute to the SDGs.


Winner of the day

On the day of the event, there were no divisions, and the winners were decided from the team and individual presenters.

1 st Prize: Team JTY (Just To You)

2nd Prize: Team ILuce, Murooka Taishin

Audience Award: Team Japanese Legal Duo


This event was organized by HSI Team OMOTENASHI, a HSI-certified student organization that organizes various international exchange events for Hokkaido University and overseas students, in cooperation with Hokkaido University's global program, the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI), and Nitobe College. was held.