Controlling infectious diseases and food security in Japan cannot be achieved by domestic activities alone; it is necessary to establish a framework for international cooperation, build trust, and share knowledge and technologies. The International Vet Exchange Program is a student exchange program that allows credit transfers for students majoring in veterinary medicine. It is offered in partnership with Kasetsart University in Thailand, which is a leader in Southeast Asia and has close ties with Japan in food supply and veterinary medicine. Students participating in this exchange program conduct clinical training for a month and a half in small groups with students from the host university. Through this clinical training and extracurricular exchange, students understand differences and commonalities in cultures of the two countries and the aspects of safety and security that people of the two countries seek. Based on this exchange, the students understand what veterinary medicine ought to be. We believe that this will help fostering human resources who will be at the core of the next-generation international cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine. This program is currently run as one of the exchange programs in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with five universities across four countries of United Kingdom, United States, Zambia and Thailand. Please visit our homepage for details.