Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Efficient allocation and use of resources and generation of renewable energy are necessary to realize a sustainable society. For this purpose, the use of information technology is essential. At Graduate School of Information Science and Technology you can learn a wide range of fields, from mathematics, data science, the basics and applications of AI, to hardware technology and system technology to realize it.

The Information Science and Engineering Course teaches mathematical methods for understanding vast amounts of knowledge and information, as well as engineering methods for creating next-generation information technology. In the Engineering Course, information technology related to genomes and cells related to life, human beings, and medicine, as well as bio-nano and regenerative medicine engineering, is studied. We provide opportunities to learn communication technology that enables communication, and the System Information Science Course to learn robotics and mechatronics, electrical energy, production and control, and natural environmental systems.

At our school, we implement a “double peak type education” where you can learn specialized knowledge and skills in depth in the course you belong to, and also select another course to learn different fields, and collaborate with companies and domestic and overseas research institutions. We provide an education that integrates fields. In this way, we will develop human resources who can play an active role internationally with excellent practical ability and research and development ability, and create new knowledge and technology that will enrich people's lives.