The UNU SDG–Universities Platform (SDG-UP) was established by UNU-IAS in 2020. It provides opportunities for Japanese universities to proactively collaborate with different stakeholders to promote research and educational activities advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Through collaboration between UNU and Japanese Universities, SDG–UP is designed to contribute to sustainable development in Japan and beyond. Its activities aim to take the lead in transforming the individual behaviour of stakeholders involved in higher education, promoting a more resilient society, and supporting individuals to take action to ensure a more sustainable future for all.


Hokkaido University has been participating in SDG-UP since 2021.

Hokkaido University participates and works in three subcommittees: ”SDGs Curriculum”, ”Management”, and ”Accountability and Evaluation”.


■Report on Student Participation Events

UNU holds seminars for students. And many Hokkaido University students have participated in these seminars. Please see below for these seminar overviews and participation reports.


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