Hokkaido University is the only Japanese member of the ”International Universities Climate Alliance(IUCA)”, which was established in 2020.


IUCA is an international consortium launched in April 2020 with the University of New South Wales, Australia, as the secretariat. It aims to be the world’s most trusted source of information on climate change science, climate change impacts, climate change adaptation, and change mitigation, providing a wide range of research-based facts. Hokkaido University participated in November 2020. Currently, 56 institutions from 25 countries are members. Major activities include annual general meetings, regional committee meetings, workshops and researcher roundtables on the five research themes and four sub-themes proposed by the federation, etc. By participating in these activities, researchers from member institutions can gather information and build networks on research themes of interest to them.


Main activities

  • Annual General Meeting: The executive committee discusses participation, strategy, vision, annual budget, operational plans, etc.
  • Regional Committee Meetings: Meetings between member schools in each region. Held once every two months.
  • Organize online workshops, roundtables, and regional events on research topics.


Five Research Themes

  • Climate Science
  • Climate Impacts
  • Climate adaptation
  • Climate Mitigation
  • Communication & Policy



■Report on Student Participation Events

IUCA also works to understand the perspectives of students at universities around the world and to create global networking opportunities for students interested in climate change research and advocacy. Hokkaido University students participated in these IUCA events. Please click below to read the reports of their participation.

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