The Sustainable Campus Management Office (SCM Office) publishes an annual Sustainability Report (Environmental Report).


The SCM Office has been preparing an Environmental Report since 2005, which was renamed the Sustainability Report in 2020. In addition to the content required to be included in an environmental report (*), this report includes articles on a wide range of topics, including Hokkaido University’s sustainability initiatives, the history and culture of the University, and its relationship with the local community.


*Regulated in the “Act on Promotion of Environmentally Sound Business Activities by Specified Business Operators, etc. through Promotion of Provision of Environmental Information” (Act on Promotion of Environmental Consideration). TThe report is a periodic publication by a company or other business entity that summarizes and publicly announces the statement of management responsibility, policies, targets, and plans related to environmental conservation, the status of environmental management, and the status of efforts to reduce environmental impact. Data on environmental impact, etc. are applicable.

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