The Ecosystem Management Laboratory Research Faculty of Agriculture is cooperating with the Hokushin Forest Project.

In 2018, the mountains around Yufutsu-gun collapsed due to the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake, and many forests were lost. Hokushin no Mori in Abira-cho Hayakita is no exception. I would like to regenerate the forest collapsed land that was used as a playground for local children and lead to a small reconstruction. The NPO Yakikita Children's Playground Creation Network called for "reforestation that maximizes the use of local resources". We brought together a wide range of wisdom and techniques, including reconstruction support volunteers from all over Japan. Fallen trees and fallen branches caused by earthquakes, seedlings left in the forest and seedlings grown from seeds, mats made from natural materials to capture flying seeds, and work paths paved by horses. All of this was used to revegetate the collapsed slopes, and we took a step toward regenerating the forest.
Hokkaido University will continue to support small-scale reconstruction of local communities through scientific verification of greening and reforestation technologies and SDGs practical training for people of all ages.

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