School of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

In order to achieve the SDGs, it is essential for the participating members to have a common understanding based on science. To date, School of Agriculture has conducted cutting-edge education and research at various levels, from solving global problems in these fields to sustainable development of local agriculture, forestry and related industries. Its main purpose is to develop human resources who have both a broad perspective to harmonize biological resources and the environment and a high level of expertise related to the foundations of life. The enterprising spirit left by the seniors of Sapporo Agricultural College has been inherited by the human resources that have been produced, and they have received high praise from companies.
If we compare the individual research being carried out at School of Agriculture with the goals of the SDGs, we can cover 16 of the 17 goals. As a result, School of Agriculture as a whole aims to build comprehensive knowledge to achieve the SDGs. The fact that a single faculty conducts various research on SDGs and provides related lectures should be of great help in cultivating a broad perspective. You can also experience actual production and distribution through events such as production training using farms and ranches, and events such as "Hokkaido University Marche" where Hokkaido producers process and sell Hokkaido ingredients planned and operated by students.
Many graduates of School of Agriculture go on to graduate school, and are also active in national and local governments, research institutes, and private companies in the manufacturing, financial, and information and communication industries. We are working on sustainable development.