Clarifying the transformation patterns and mechanisms of ecosystems and biodiversity under changing environments is important for the sustainable use and conservation of ecosystem services. To that end, the LTER approach, which utilizes long-term observational data analysis of ecosystems and biodiversity and field operation experiments, is extremely effective. Hokkaido University Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere Forest Station and Hydrosphere Station are leading the development of LTER research in collaboration with related organizations and research groups in Japan and around the world. We are promoting multifaceted surveys and observations of ecosystems and biodiversity at base sites, large-scale field operation experiments, archiving and publishing of observation data, and joint research with domestic and overseas organizations. In addition, faculty members Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere are in charge of representatives and executive members of the Japanese LTER (JaLTER) and the International LTER (ILTER).

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