Ocean acidification and deoxygenation are serious marine environmental problems secondary to CO2 emissions from human activities and climate change. Many assessments of the impact of ocean acidification on marine organisms inhabiting the coasts of Japan have been carried out so far, but almost no assessment of the impact of deoxygenation, which is expected to occur due to future climate change, has been carried out. Little is known about the combined effects of simultaneous acidification and hypoxia.

Associate Professor Masahiko Fujii and Postdoctoral Researcher Lawrence Patrick Bernardo of Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, together with Tsuneo Ono, Principal Researcher of the Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency, and others, investigated pH, an index of ocean acidification, and dissolved oxygen, an index of hypoxia. We will conduct rearing experiments in which the concentration is changed simultaneously to investigate the combined effects of ocean acidification and oxygen depletion on marine organisms. We are also proceeding with a project to consider measures to avoid the impact. We are conducting research with the aim of providing the knowledge obtained from this project to coastal municipalities and contributing to the planning and promotion of adaptation measures.

Hokkaido University press release:
<June 15, 2021> The effects of global warming, acidification, and hypoxia on the coastal areas of Hokkaido are revealed

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