Wandervogel originally means "migratory bird" in German. It refers to the activity that began among German youths at the end of the 19th century, admiring the "itinerant students" of medieval Europe who went from one university to another in search of excellent teachers. Because it is a training that experiences multiple times, it is called "Wandervogel type training" in connection with this history.
The Wandervogel-type learning (fieldwork subjects) conducted by Graduate School of Global Food Resources to experience actual sites in Japan and overseas in order to face the actual issues related to food resources, recognize the global food resource problem, and proactively and proactively The aim is to develop learning in relation to the interests of So far, I have worked in Denmark as a Wandervogel practice I (developed country) and in Myanmar as II (developing country).

Practical training in Denmark -Wandervogel practical training I (developed country)-
Practical training in Myanmar ~Wandervogel practical training II (developing country)~