Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, cooperates with the "Ocean Acidification Adaptation Project" (subsidized by The Nippon Foundation) promoted by the NPO Satoumi Development Research Council.

Ocean acidification is progressing on a global scale, and its progress has also been reported in coastal areas. Although there are concerns about the impact on the fisheries industry, adaptation measures for shellfish farming, which are particularly vulnerable, are an important issue. However, in Japan, no adaptation measures to protect sustainable fisheries production have been considered so far, including by the national government, prefectural governments and shellfish farmers. In particular, adapting coastal shellfish farming to ocean acidification is an urgent issue, but there are no specific efforts to collect scientific knowledge, network for problem solving, and implementation of adaptation measures.

This project will select three model sea areas (Hinase, Okayama Prefecture, Shizugawa Bay, Miyagi Prefecture, and Hiroshima Bay, Hiroshima Prefecture) from the oyster farming areas in Japan, build an efficient monitoring method, and develop a cross-sectoral network (science and policy).・Stakeholders), collect and organize global knowledge on “adaptation measures” and verify them, aiming to propose effective “adaptation measures” and implementation systems for coastal areas of Japan. .

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