The International Collaborative Project on Sustainable Social Use of Soil and Water (ABRESO) is a three-year (2021-2023) international collaborative research project by the Belmont Forum, with participation from Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Italy, and France. The Japanese research team is headed by Professor Hideaki Shibata of Hokkaido University (Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere Integrated Research Area).


We clarify the sustainability of soil and water for society by analyzing the changes in the quality and function of soil and water due to land use changes and land abandonment at the landscape and watershed level, their origins, and changes in social values. , aims to support land management decision-making that takes land use conservation and restoration into account through effective collaboration with stakeholders.


Utilizing base basins led by Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere and research sites of the Japan Long-term Ecological Research Network (JaLTER), we conduct observational research on biogeochemistry and hydrological water quality, utilize existing databases, and conduct regional We will conduct a stakeholder awareness survey.