Alpha-defensin that shifts the intestinal environment paradigm -from scientific understanding of medicine and food to preventive medicine-

In Faculty of Advanced Life Science Sciences, we aim to contribute to overcoming intractable immune diseases by understanding the mechanism that separates health from disease by elucidating the functions of innate immunity. I am aiming.

α-defensins are antibacterial peptides secreted by Paneth cells, epithelial cells of the small intestine, and are deeply involved in health and disease by regulating the intestinal flora. We will evaluate the intestinal environment from the viewpoint of the intestinal environment defined by food, α-defensins, and intestinal bacteria, and create a paradigm shift to elucidate disease mechanisms and develop preventive medicine.
Specifically, we will confocally investigate the molecular mechanisms of various functions of Paneth cells, such as innate immunity (α-defensin secretion), symbiosis with intestinal bacteria, regeneration and differentiation, using enteroids in a three-dimensional small intestinal epithelial culture system. We will make full use of cutting-edge analysis methods such as laser microscopy and flow cytometry to understand. The intestine forms a network between various organs in the body, and by analyzing its mechanism with a focus on the function of Paneth cells, it is possible to control the intestinal environment and create preventive measures and treatment methods for various diseases. live.
From the point of view of the intestines, "food" and "medicine" are the same, and we aim to contribute to the realization of a healthy and long-lived society "SDG 3, 9, 17" through industry-academia-regional collaboration from the knowledge we have created.

Innate Immunity Laboratory