Our University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine co-sponsored the Environmental Research Promotion Fund ``5-2204'' with the Environmental Drug Research Team, and held a public symposium entitled ``How do pharmaceutical-derived chemicals in the environment affect wild fish?'' "Nonoka" will be held on November 25th.


Pharmaceuticals are essential for treating our illnesses and managing our health. After we use them, they are transported to water bodies via sewage treatment plants. Chemical substances derived from such pharmaceuticals are called "environmental drugs." In recent years, it has been pointed out that these chemical substances are new environmental pollutants that affect wildlife living in water bodies. However, it has not been investigated in detail what kind of environmental drugs are present in water bodies, how much they exist, and what kind of effects they have on wildlife. In this symposium, we will report on the results of our research and experiments on the effects of environmental medicines on living organisms and fish in the natural world, and we would also like to think about the future of medicines with everyone. I think.


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