The Hult Prize 2023 Summit in Taipei was held on June 16-18, and Hokkaido University’s student team “TIKBAL” won the first prize.


The Hult Prize is the world’s largest business competition. Every year, many student teams from all over the world participate in this competition and present their business plans to solve social issues in the world.


This year’s Summit (regional competition) was held in 12 countries, and TIKBAL won the first prize in Taipei. The winners of each Summit, including TIKBAL, will advance to the next Accelerator Program. The next rounds are the Accelerator Program (12 teams to 6 teams) and the Final (presentation competition by the final 6 teams).

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For more information about TIKBAL, please click here. *Go to the Facebook of HultPrize Committee of Hokkaido University.

For more information about HultPrize, please click here. *Go to the website of Hult Prize.