Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University and Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd. signed a collaboration agreement on March 29, aiming to “create a comfortable society through the optimizing of energy and the environment”.


This collaboration agreement aims to contribute to the creation of local communities and the resolution of social issues while contributing to their mutual future development toward the creation of a carbon-neutral society.


Faculty of Engineering and Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd. plan to utilize their engineering expertise to solve social issues, by making the most of their knowledge and human resources of the two institutions, and by promoting research, educational activities, human resource development and exchange more vigorously.


Initiatives based on cooperation agreement.

  1. Expansion of research and technological exchange.
  2. Educational activities related to advanced technologies for energy and the environment.
  3. Promotion of exchange of human resources through mutual assignment, etc.
  4. Consideration of establishing a laboratory for research technology and human resource training and exchange.


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