“Museum Cafe POLUS” at the Hokkaido University Museum will hold an event “Taste Hokkaido University” on March 24th, using unused fish (fish for research) from the Nanae Freshwater Station.


The Nanae Freshwater Station of Hokkaido University has been breeding fishes (mainly salmonids, char, carp, sturgeon, etc.) for the purpose of research and education on the science and application of artificial propagation and breeding protection of fishes. Among these fishes for research, this event will be held to listen to the guest lectures while utilizing edible fishes (Itou, Sakura trout, and Gunma rainbow trout) as foodstuffs. Through this event, let’s think together about the future of fisheries research and the utilization of resources.

Event Overview

Date: March 24, 2023, 6:00p.m.-

Venue: Museum Cafe POLUS, Hokkaido University Museum

Guest speaker:

Mr. Eisuke Takahashi (Technical Staff, Nanae Freshwater Station, Hokkaido University)

Mr. Masaru Kikuchi (Bridge Productions Co.)