Sapporo City holds an `` Environmental Report'' to publicize the status of environmentally conscious efforts in the business activities of businesses and organizations in the city, to widely deepen understanding, and to further promote environmental conservation actions. Our university will exhibit "Sustainability Report 2022" at this "Environmental Report."


This year's "Environmental Report" will not only be published on the Sapporo City website and the Sapporo Zero Carbon Promotion Network website of the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but also on the virtual tour of "Environmental Plaza Hokkaido 2023*". We are planning to publish it.


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*Environmental Plaza Hokkaido 2023

"Environmental Plaza Hokkaido 2023" will be held to commemorate the "G7 Sapporo Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers' Meeting" to be held in Sapporo from Saturday, April 15th to Sunday, April 16th, 2023.

We have prepared fun content such as exposure to cutting-edge technology related to the environment and SDGs, experiences in sports and career education, seminars/workshops, stage events, etc., and we are holding an event that will get you interested in environmental issues and SDGs while having fun. I am planning.


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Hokkaido University Sustainability Report

Since 2020, the University has published Sustainability Report, a comprehensive report that includes the content required to be included in Environmental Report, as well as the sustainability initiatives of Hokkaido University, on its website at Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability.

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