The Hokkaido University x SDGs website introduces Hokkaido University's education, research, and other initiatives related to contributing to sustainable development (SDGs in particular).
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[SDGs learned at Hokkaido University]
: These slides introduce Hokkaido University's SDGs initiatives, focusing on class subjects and student initiatives.
Table of contents
Slides (PDF)
[Introduction of faculties]
: Introducing the characteristics and SDGs initiatives of Hokkaido University's 12 faculties and 21 graduate schools, as well as some of the research institutes and institutes to which researchers belong.
:Interview with Hokkaido University professors about how to tackle SDGs
"Protect your health from environmental pollution around you” Dr. Atsuko Ikeda (Faculty of Health Sciences / Center for Environmental and Health Sciences)
"Hokkaido University’s education, research, and social collaboration expands through SDGs” Dr. Makoto Demura (Faculty of Advanced Life Science / Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development)
"Continue learning to create the future” Dr. Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Faculty of Environmental Earth Science)
"Continuing to confront the inequalities behind the socially disadvantaged” Toru Kouchi (Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University/Professor, Department of Contemporary Culture School of Humanities and Human Sciences, Sapporo International University)
: Introducing various activities and research projects being undertaken at Hokkaido University.
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