The Institute of International Media and Tourism develops human resources who have the qualities, abilities, and skills to contribute to solving the problems facing the world in various fields related to public relations, media, journalism, communication, and tourism. The two affiliated research centers of Research Faculty of Media and Communication, to which the faculty involved in the education of our school belong, are conducting research deeply related to the SDGs, "Peace, Justice and Strong Enforcement".

The East Asia Media Research Center is holding the Japan-Korea Solidarity Forum with the support of the Korea Foundation. Based on peace research, we will explore new Japan-Korea relations in the post-Cold War era. This is an attempt to expand past Japan-Korea solidarity from political and kinetic perspectives to social and economic spheres, and connect it to "peace studies." The Center's ongoing work also includes "Memory of State Violence". Through transnational memory and reconciliation in Okinawa, Taiwan, Jeju, and Gwangju, we will elucidate the uniqueness and universality of East Asia's "overcoming the past" based on peace studies and reconciliation studies.

In 2017, the Media Tourism Research Center launched an international research project on "Peaceful Tourism". As part of this, in 2019, we co-hosted the international symposium "Hiroshima and Peace Tourism" at the Hiroshima International Conference Center. The Center also conducts a 'tourism and memory study'. As a result of joint research with the Department of Sociology and Mass Communication of the Novosibirsk State Technical University, graduates of the academy have published Russian-language collections together with researchers from Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Kazakhstan.