School of Dental Medicine and Graduate Graduate School of Dental Medicine have been aiming to contribute to a sustainable society even before the word SDGs was used. Among the 17 goals of the SDGs, "Good Health and Well-Being", "Quality Education", "Eliminate Inequality between People and Countries", "Decent Work and Economic Growth", and "Gender Equality". "Let's achieve equality" is a part that matches well with School of Dental Medicine and Graduate School of Dental Medicine education.

Maintaining and improving health through an oral approach is a major goal of dental care, and it is also an issue that will continue to develop. For humans, “eating” is important for survival, and eating delicious food also helps us to achieve peace of mind. In addition, the importance of oral care, which is essential for preventing aspiration pneumonia in the elderly, has become well known. "Dentistry" is a study necessary to improve human health.

In order to develop dentistry and oral health care, Graduate School of Dental Medicine aim to develop researchers and educators who can handle the latest academic and specialized fields of dentistry, and who can play a role in advancing dental education and research. The purpose is to develop highly specialized professionals who have advanced knowledge and dental medical technology in
In order to achieve these goals, we have established two courses, the "Fundamental Oral Medicine Course" and the "Advanced Clinical Oral Medicine Course," to cultivate human resources who can engage in international academic research and dental care activities. We are doing a wide range of research from basic research to applied research.