Center for Environmental and Health Sciences

Since its establishment in April 2010, Center for Environmental and Health Sciences, Hokkaido University has conducted large-scale epidemiological surveys in the field of "environment and health," conducted advanced research on environmental health sciences, and cultivated human resources to tackle diversifying problems. We have been working on training and strengthening cooperation with domestic and overseas research bases.
In April 2015, our center was certified as a "WHO Collaborating Center for Environmental Health and Prevention of Chemical Hazards". Since then, we have built a cooperative system with the World Health Organization (WHO) and have played an important role in taking preventive measures against health problems caused by environmental chemicals on a global scale.
As pollution by various environmental chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, and in recent years organofluorine compounds and phthalates is spreading, groups that are particularly vulnerable to these environmental pollutions (children, pregnant women, the elderly, health problems for workers, etc.). Our center is actively engaged in collecting information on such environmental pollution, researching and developing preventive measures, diagnosis and treatment methods, and planning and participating in international joint research in cooperation with WHO. .

In addition, our center participates in the Future Earth (FE) Japan Committee, which aims to realize a sustainable society, as a member of the Hokkaido University FE Consortium. We will continue to contribute to the resolution of global issues through research, innovation, and collaboration with the international community in the field of "environment and health."