MIRAI 2.0 is a collaboration between 20 Swedish and Japanese universities, aiming to contribute to long-term research collaboration and to promote Sweden and Japan as nations of world-leading large-scale research infrastructure.

The first phase of MIRAI (2017-2019) began its activities with the President’s Summit held in 2015; the second phase, MIRAI 2.0 (2020-2023), began in 2020. MIRAI2.0 aims to promote international joint research between the two countries and to foster young researchers and mutual exchanges. The main activities of MIRAI 2.0 are the research & innovation weeks taking place in both Sweden and Japan, scientific workshops and seminars organized within the thematic focus areas, short courses for PhD’s and seed-funding to support promising collaborative initiatives.

MIRAI 2.0 involves 20 universities from both countries. Hokkaido University has participated in the project since the first phase of MIRAI.


Areas of Research Exchange :

  • Materials Science
  • Sustainability
  • Ageing
  • AI
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship


■ Short courses for students

MIRAI 2.0 holds short courses for PhD. Please see below for the overview of the short course, syllabus, and participation reports.

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