Currently, 20-50% of the world's plants are in danger of extinction, and their conservation is humanity's most important issue.


The Hokkaido University Botanical Garden, which belongs to the Hokkaido University Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere Cropland Station, conducts research and practices for the conservation of endangered plants in Northeast Asia, including Hokkaido.


In order to effectively promote the conservation of Hokkaido's endangered plants located in border areas, we will conduct overseas field surveys to resolve confusion in the classification of endangered species between countries and globally evaluate their endemism and conservation priorities. We will then decide on a framework for native habitat conservation that protects the genetic diversity of species, without being bound by national borders, and will utilize this framework for conservation measures. Furthermore, in cooperation with governments, NGOs, and landowner companies, we aim to establish a science for the conservation of endangered plants by creating an effective ex-situ conservation system in botanical gardens and researching its social implementation.

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