“Robust” means having internal resilience and the ability to withstand changes brought about by external disturbances such as environmental and climate changes. Specifically, by incorporating the concept of production engineering into the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries, we aim to make food value chains robust and produce food in a sustainable manner in response to climate change and population growth.
The Research and Education Center for Robust Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry is a platform for developing engineering technology intended to address on-site needs. In cooperation with other universities, public research institutes, government agencies, private companies, and professionals in the fields of agriculture, fishery science, and engineering, this center plans and conducts research projects aimed at finding solutions to problems that arise on production sites and developing technological innovation. In addition to efforts oriented toward SDGs, by increasing efficiency and profitability, and by reducing manpower while maintaining productivity, in addition to making the industries more appealing to young workers, the objective of this center is to create new academic fields and contribute to making these industries more robust. 

The efforts undertaken under this project were also introduced in the speech by Prime Minister Abe at the 14th Annual Meeting of the STS Forum

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