School of Humanities and Human Sciences Japanese History Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences has set up fields in various places in Hokkaido and conducts ancient document research camps. Although it is currently suspended due to the corona virus, it has been held in Toyokoro-cho in Tokachi, Oketo-cho in Okhotsk, Kutchan-cho in Shiribeshi, and Matsumae-cho in Oshima. In both cases, although teachers participate, students are the main players, and the project is organized by an intercollegiate survey team. Participants will have a training camp at the site, face each historical document, assign a reference number, record the current situation, and create a catalog. In this way, participants will develop the basic physical strength of Japanese history research.
The organized old documents are stored in the region and the information is returned. The created catalog will be viewed and published so that anyone can use it, while paying attention to personal information. This project, which aims to archive local historical materials, has the aspect of steady practice of activities that contribute to the fair preservation and use of historical materials that support the foundation of sound democracy.

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