Example of a bento box that incorporates mind food (Photo: Public Relations Division)
Hokkaido University Hospital The Nutrition Management Department not only improves the satisfaction and nutritional status of hospitalized patients, but also develops and sells products in collaboration with restaurants and companies, and is working on various projects with the goal of improving the health of local residents and preventing diseases.
The mind diet was developed at Rush University in the United States as a "diet method that slows down brain aging". It is a diet that is a combination of the "Mediterranean diet" and the "DASH diet" aimed at preventing high blood pressure, and is attracting attention as a diet that delays cognitive decline. Hokkaido University Hospital The Nutrition Management Department, together with the Personal Health Center (PHC) and Ari, a restaurant in Tobetsu Town, is working to promote and raise awareness of mind food, such as developing bento boxes for mind food.
For details, please see "Mind Diet" ~ Diet method to delay brain aging (PDF: about 1MB). In addition, the YouTube channel of the Hokkaido University Department of Nutrition Management "Delicious! Hokkaido University Hospital Recipes".

10 foods recommended by Mind Food / 5 foods recommended for weight loss

*Tarts, cakes, danishes, donuts, cookies, pies, chocolate bars, shakes, etc.
**Includes fries, nuggets, etc.

Hokkaido University Nutrition Management Department YouTube Channel “Delicious! Hokkaido University Hospital Recipes”