The Geology Day Commemoration Project Executive Committee, co-sponsored by the University Museum, will hold the ``150th Anniversary of the Lyman Visit to Hokkaido / 2023 Geology Day Commemoration Lecture'' on May 27th in conjunction with ``Geology Day.'' It will be held.


Benjamin Smith Lyman (1835-1920) was one of the Americans hired by the Development Commission to develop Hokkaido during the early Meiji period. He left many achievements in Japan, especially in the development of coal mines and geology in Hokkaido.
Also, on May 10, 1876, Lyman et al. created Japan's first wide-area geological map, the 1:2 million Geological Summary Map of Ezo, Japan. On May 10, 1878, an organization to handle geological surveys (Geological Division, Geographical Bureau, Ministry of the Interior) was established. For this reason, May 10th was designated as Geology Day in 2007.


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