The Center for Advanced Tourism Studies and the Arctic Research Center will hold the “The 18th (2nd FY2023) Online Forum on Tourism Creation” on June 7, 2023.


This forum is titled “Sami and Ainu Peoples’ Culture in Global Society: Perspectives on the Northern Regions, Tourism, Education, and International Cooperation,” and will focus on indigenous cultures. Recently, indigenous cultures have been attracting worldwide attention. The areas of attention include cultural transmission, authenticity, education for youth, and cultural tourism, among others. Furthermore, given the situation that indigenous peoples have been in, the issues that each field faces are also diverse. In particular, the authenticity of indigenous cultures, which is at the core of the field, is considered to be difficult to answer clearly.


Under these circumstances, this forum aims to get as close as possible to the answer by discussing the areas surrounding this authenticity. The main focus is on the case of the Sami people in Inari, northern Finland, with some comparison to the Ainu people in Hokkaido as the same northern region, and discussions are held peripherally from the perspective of tourism, education, and international cooperation efforts.


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