The University's Ainu and Indigenous Research Center and Teshikaga Town aim to contribute to the utilization of Ainu-related facilities, the transmission and dissemination of local culture, and the promotion of academic research, etc. through close mutual collaboration and cooperation. We concluded a collaboration agreement on April 18th.


Teshikaga Town is home to Akan-Mashu National Park, and Kussharo Kotan, which has a long history, is located on the southeast shore of Lake Kussharo. To date, our university's Ainu and Indigenous Peoples Research Center has been involved in supporting the preservation of records of Ainu culture, including archiving valuable local history, as well as renovating the Kussharo Kotan Ainu Museum, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. However, both parties came to the conclusion that they would like to build an even stronger cooperative relationship in various aspects and move forward with efforts to further promote Ainu policies, etc., and decided to conclude this agreement.

Contents of cooperation
  1. Ainu-related facilities (Teshikaga Town Kussharo Kotan Ainu Museum, etc.), Ainu-related materials (Sarashina Gen Collection materials, etc.)
    and matters related to the utilization of cultural assets within the town (chashi, etc.)
  2. Matters related to local cultural inheritance and sustainable development
  3. Matters related to education and research exchange
  4. Matters related to human resource development
  5. Other matters deemed necessary by both parties.


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Left: Professor Hirofumi Kato (Hokkaido University Ainu and Indigenous Research Center), Right: Mayor Tetsuo Tokunaga (Teshikaga Town)