Based on the results of surveys and estimates regarding CO2 absorption by blue carbon, the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau and the Cold Region Civil Engineering Research Institute collaborated with Erimo Town and the Erimo Fisheries Cooperative Association to estimate the amount of CO2 absorbed by blue carbon in the natural kelp fishing area along the coast of Erimo Town. We will begin an investigation.

Furthermore, based on the collaboration agreement signed with our university's Graduate Faculty of Information Science and Technology in June 2020, we will collaborate with the Haseyama Laboratory to efficiently determine the habitat area of seaweed using AI from images captured by drones. We will proceed with the development of calculation technology.


Erimo Town ranks first in Japan for the amount of natural kelp caught at 1.589 tons. Through a series of surveys, we plan to calculate the amount of CO2 absorbed by blue carbon in this vast kelp fishing area.


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Increase in natural kelp by removing miscellaneous seaweed (Erimo Town)