Based on the experience of research and estimation of CO2 absorption by blue carbon, Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau and Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region will start the survey of CO2 absorption by blue carbon in natural kelp fisheries on the coast of Erimo Town, cooperating with Erimo Town and Erimo Fisheries Cooperative Association.


Furthermore, based on the collaboration agreement signed with the Faculty of Information Science and Technology of Hokkaido University in June 2022, they will work with the Haseyama Laboratory to promote the development of technology to efficiently calculate the habitat area of seaweeds by using drone photos and AI.


Erimo Town is ranked first in Japan in natural kelp catch with 1.589 tons. Through these surveys, it is planned to calculate the amount of CO2 absorbed by blue carbon in the vast kelp fisheries area.



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Increase in natural kelp by seaweed extermination (Erimo Town)