The disaster prevention notebook "Pocket Dosanko-kun" not only helps children acquire disaster prevention knowledge, but also provides an opportunity for parents to have conversations about disaster prevention, such as writing in emergency contact information and creating their own evacuation maps. The purpose is to create.
In the production, our university Center for Natural Hazards Research (CNHR) The project was supervised by affiliated researchers, who provided advice and advice in detail from their respective professional standpoints.
It will be used in on-site disaster prevention classes and events held by Sapporo Television Broadcasting (STV) as part of its 65th anniversary commemoration project.
For details, see STV. press release Please see (Opens PDF file)
◆Disaster prevention notebook “Pocket Dosanko-kun”
◇Specifications: A6 size: 36 pages (with vinyl cover and sticker)
◇Date of publication: April 20, 2023
◇Publisher: Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
◇Design and production: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Division
◇Supervised by: Hokkaido University Center for Natural Hazards Research

*Our university's Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability and STV have entered into a collaboration agreement in July 2022 to contribute to the promotion and acceleration of the achievement of the SDGs. Please see here for the cooperation agreement.