Our university's URA Station will hold a report session on the results of the "Program to support the practice of *'Jikatagaku(地方学)' 2022" on March 14th.


Hokkaido is an advanced region where various social problems are becoming more serious than the rest of the country. At our university, we are also promoting a new form of regional collaboration through the comprehensive strengths of Hokkaido University, with the aim of "co-creating with local governments'' and "strengthening collaboration with society to solve problems.'' At the 2022 report meeting of the "Program to support the practice of 'Jikatagaku(地方学)'", we will report on the results of each project selected for this program.


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*Program to support the practice of ”Jikatagaku(地方学)”

Inazo Nitobe, a second-year student at Sapporo Agricultural College, has preached that Practical Learning means emphasizing the field (region), advocated local studies, and preached the need to enhance the vitality of local regions. Ta. At our university's URA Station, we focus on research and research that expands on our own research and university learning with our own ideas, and work together with local communities and organizations in Hokkaido to solve problems in the field. We have launched the ``Jikatagaku(地方学)* Practical Support Program'' to support graduate students who are working independently. Students in this program actively practice modern regional studies with a "Frontier Spirit" and "Practical Learning" in mind, supporting their growth through new problems, discoveries, and learning that arise in the field. .


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