Hokkaido is an advanced region where various social problems are becoming serious ahead of the rest of the country. At Hokkaido University as well, we are promoting a new form of regional cooperation that makes use of the comprehensive strengths of the university, under the slogan of "co-creation with local governments" and "strengthening cooperation with society to solve problems." Inazo Nitobe, a second-year student at Sapporo Agricultural College, has argued that Practical Learning is nothing more than emphasizing the field (region), advocating local studies, and advocating the need to increase the vitality of local communities. Ta.

The “Local Studies Practical Support Program” is centered on surveys and research that develops your own research and learning at university based on your own ideas, and collaborates with local communities and organizations in Hokkaido. It is a program that supports graduate students who proactively work on problem solving in the field.
Supporting students to grow through new problems, discoveries, and learning that arise in the field by providing support in the form of travel expenses support by actively practicing the modern version of "regional Practical Learning" with the "Frontier Spirit" and "emphasis on practical learning" in mind. doing.


The information below has been updated to 2023 (updated March 25, 2024)

Selected project for “Regional Studies Practical Support Program” (2023)

  • Research on Banya in the World Natural Heritage Shiretoko West Bank Tip Area (Shari Town)
  • Does giving chemicals to cattle reduce the diversity in feces? - Improving grazing management for sustainable food production - (Kuromatsunai Town)
  • Research on student support at small local high schools in Hokkaido (Tomamae Town)
  • "Resources" and their formation process for residents living in a new town that has celebrated half a century since its development - Using the Momijidai district of Sapporo as a case study - (Sapporo City)
  • Survey of unused fish resources in the southern Hokkaido region and toward effective use of unused fish (Hakodate City)
  • Attempt to reduce damage to livestock by diagnosing and predicting the onset of bovine infectious lymphoma (Matsumae Town)
  • Research on collaboration between Toyako Usu Volcano Meister and experts to realize a geopark centered on local residents (Toyako Town, etc.)
  • Biodiversity after removal of Japanese boxwood in Kasai Wetland (Kuromatsunai Town)
  • Effects of antifreeze agents on the soil of snow deposits in Sapporo City (Sapporo City)
  • Sustainability human resource development project using “Rice production aiming to coexist with nature” as a teaching material - Report on the fertilizer-free and pesticide-free rice harvest festival - (Sapporo City)

Regional studies practical support program management team (2023)

  • Hiroyuki Hamanaka, Representative of NPO Hokkaido Enbridge
  • Mikizuri Honpo Co., Ltd. Representative Director & Listener
    Naoki Nishio, CoSTEP Fellow, Hokkaido University Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
  • Mika Chiwaki Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration Hokkaido University
  • Hokkaido University University Strengthening Promotion Headquarters Integrated URA Research Management Station Station Director (Vice Director) Hiroshi Abe
  • Deputy Station Manager and Chief URA Shingo Tanaka
  • Same URA Yoshiyuki Abe

Report on the results report meeting

Reports on the results of the "Regional Studies Practical Support Program" held so far are available on the URA Research Management Station website.

“2020 Achievement Report Meeting” Flyer (2020)

“2021 Results Report Meeting” Flyer (2021)

“FY2022 Results Report Meeting” Flyer (2022)

“FY2023 Results Report Meeting” Flyer (2023)