Hokkaido is an issue-oriented region where various social problems are becoming more serious ahead of the rest of the country. Hokkaido University is also promoting a new form of regional collaboration that takes advantage of the university’s comprehensive strengths under the headings of “co-creation with local governments” and “strengthening collaboration with society to solve problems.
The  Program to support the practice of ”Jikatagaku(地方学)” is a program to support graduate students who proactively work on problem-solving in the field in cooperation with local communities and organizations in Hokkaido, based on surveys and research to develop their own research and university studies based on their own ideas. The program is designed to provide a framework for the development and implementation of a variety of programs and services.
With a “Frontier Spirit” and “Practical Learning” in mind, students will grow through new problems, discoveries, and learning that arise in the field as they proactively practice a modern version of “Jikatagaku(地方学)”.We (Hokkaido University URA Station) provide support in the form of travel expenses.


Report on FY2020 Results

Report on FY2021 Results