The Hokkaido University Ainu and Indigenous Research Center, Akan Ainu Association, Kushiro Ainu Association, Akan Ainu Consulting General Incorporated Association, and Kushiro City aim to contribute to the promotion and popularization of Ainu culture, and the promotion of academic research. , we decided to conclude a collaboration agreement on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.


We have concluded a partnership agreement with the aim of providing more systematic support from Hokkaido University for the promotion of Ainu culture, as well as supporting international exchange between the Ainu people and indigenous peoples overseas.


Contents of cooperation

  • Matters related to the promotion of Ainu culture
  • Matters related to spreading awareness and disseminating information about Ainu culture
  • Consultations regarding academic and traditional aspects of Ainu culture
  • Matters related to international exchange with countries with advanced policies for indigenous peoples
  • Regarding education and research exchange through the satellite campus concept
  • Matters related to human exchange and human resource development
  • Other matters deemed necessary by the five parties.


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