Our university's Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere and Faculty of Fisheries Sciences will hold a symposium titled "Regional Creation for Value Creation of Ecosystem Services" on March 16th.


Our university is an organization that focuses on coastal areas and works to realize a sustainable society (Socio) that takes into account the environment, economy, and ecosystem (Eco³). ) is aiming to establish a new one. Through this, we aim to conduct practical research in multiple target regions with different ecosystems, social structures, and situations, and to promote social implementation in the regions by linking and integrating research results.


At this symposium for the establishment of the BSES Research Center (tentative name), in addition to introducing the center's concept, there were lectures on ``blue carbon'' and ``contribution to the region,'' and ``new social initiatives aimed at resolving regional issues.'' A panel discussion will be held entitled "Towards Building Order."


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